PTCL Speed Test Broadband DSL EVO

PTCL_BroadBankPtcl Speed test is best on-line tool to envision PTCL subscriber line speed. Speed test is free web speed test software system. distinction between and different on-line tools is that our application isn’t incorporate flash. we tend to certify to produce you correct speed results as Flash tools has a lot of limitations and accuracy problems, browser dependency, flash versions etc. PTCL subscriber line web or PTCL EVO, it offers you plan of what PTCL web speed you’re obtaining from PTCL web service supplier. we tend to reccomend once ever you begin exploitation your web, do check your ptcl web speed take a look at.

How to test PTCL broadband speed, here you just click on the above button and start to test your net speed. It’s accurate and will tell the actual speed of your dsl internet. Perform speed take a look at PTCL and It permits users to stay connected on the move. PTCL EVO is wireless broadband resolution for PTCL high speed web access. It works on a 3G network and thru EVO PTCL speed a regular of 300-500 Kbps transfer PTCL speed is scan on the average.

EVO may be a superior 3G internet; it’s the pliability to range generously like ne’er before, in additional than hundred cities everywhere the state. you’ll be able to plug and play or work on home, within the workplace or anyplace in between with the supreme & superb PTCL speed of up to three.1Mbps, battery-powered by the country’s biggest Wireless service provider; expertise the progress of PTCL broadband revolution at its best.



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